What makes us special

What makes us so different from other private equity funds is that we consider reliability and your continued independence as an entrepreneur to be a priority. By providing not only fast but also more long-term support as required, we do not put our associate companies under the same pressure as traditional equity shareholders tend to.

Your benefits:

  • Our decision to invest is quick and we can guarantee you a high certainty of closure.
  • The strategic direction to be followed is continually agreed with all the decision-makers involved. This allows us to jointly forge the future with your best interest in mind.
  • Without exception, all our investors come from within the circle of the Raiffeisen bank group of Upper Austria. This secure network guarantees you realistic expected returns.
  • There is no exit pressure. Equity released by returned investments is reinvested.
  • The support we can offer is by no means purely financial. Among various other elements, you will also benefit from our contacts with potential clients and suppliers.