Many entrepreneurs wish that their families should retain ownership of the company or that shares will be handed over to selected successors in the long term. INVEST AG will provide for a return of the investment in accordance with your wishes and interests.

The table below summarizes the repayment options.

Repayment method



Repayment by the

The company itself repays INVEST AG.
Typically, this is financed by free cash flow.

• • • •

Sale of shares to a partner

A partner acquires the shares held by INVEST AG.
This often involves the use of put and call options.

• • •

Trade sale

Sale of the company (or parts thereof) to a
strategic investor (for example, to a partner company).

• • •

Secondary purchase

Sale of the company (or parts thereof) to a financial
investor (for example, to a private equity fund).

Initial public offering (IPO)

Going public (listing on a European stock exchange, such as
the AIM or Vienna Stock Exchange).